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Licensed Operator managing vacation rental apartments for short term stay in Dubai.

With a handpicked collection of properties, our guests will enjoy boutique and authentic experience and live in real homes like locals, while enjoying housekeeping and concierge services like in luxurious hotel.

All our holiday homes offer a stylish living experience and excellent value.


We provide both up-to-date information and complete travel management services on the ground in your chosen destination. From airport transfers to hotel reservations, tour bookings and dinner reservations, tailor-made experiences, or holiday planning, to group activities and complete creative itineraries. We are flexible and reliable, and we understand that the guest expects a competitively priced, value-for-money holiday of a lifetime, free of complications. We are available 7/24 to ensure guests are safe, happy, and their expectations met, if not exceeded, time after time.


The Middle East is our home, with the UAE as our base; we know first-hand the countries and cities we work in. We know our destinations, products, and activities first-hand, and keep abreast of all new developments within our region, so we can offer our clients up-to-date information and the very best of services.


WE KNOW what quality guest service is and how to implement it WE ARE PRODUCT AND MARKET INNOVATORS we are in constant search of new ways to enhance the travel experience of our guests We have both basic packages that CATER TO A MASS MARKET as well as NICHE and EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS for the discerning travelers We have a MULTI-LINGUAL TEAM that is easy to interact and work with are AVAILABLE AT YOUR SERVICE 24 x 7 and are prepared with contingency plans to handle unforeseen circumstances Our team is constantly encouraged to think innovatively and focus on details while curating customized solutions for their clients


The company’s Vision is to be the leading service provider in the UAE through sustainable growth, by focusing on the core business and by continuously introducing innovative ideas and products for our partners and guests.

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